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Adult Webmasters always have something to say, and eventually they manage to toss out a quip of some regard that warrants recognition. So we thought we'd start a little service of sorts, and display for you some of the more noteworthy one-liners that wind up on our pages!
Here Are Five Tips for Success From The Mainstream
Reinvent Yourself, Not Just the Company - Andrea Jung, Avon
Obsess About Solutions, Not Problems - Donald Trump
Turn Your Biggest Weakness Into Your Greatest Asset - Reed Hastings,Netflix
It Has to Be About More Than Just Money - Stewart Butterfield, Flickr
Let the Users Run the Show - Kevin Rose,Digg
"It isn't beauty that sells in pornography, it is sex. " - Rhetorical
"Never be really good at something you dont want to do."
 -  Sabby
"But even whores put a limit on what they will and will not do."
 -  MorganGrayson
"The "class" of a person has absolutely fucking nothing to do with the amount of money they have, or how long they've had it."
 -  PornoDoggy
"Brand0n is not fit to even be the guy that picks up the jockstraps and dirty towels in the locker room. he is and always will be just a disgruntled fan. watching from the sidelines always telling the TV set a better play or yelling at the team."
 -  JoesHO1
"We've heard that a million monkeys at a million keyboards could produce the complete works of Shakespeare; now, thanks to the Internet, we know that is not true."
 -  Robert Wilensky
"I think my list of people I would do business with is much smaller...."
 -  MikeAI
"Getting to the top = Doing everything right.
Not staying at the top = Doing a single thing wrong."

 -  Dravyk
"Americans grew up thinking that having an opinion makes you intelligent. They all have opinions about the world, yet, ask them to scan a copy of their passport stamps and see what the result is."
 -  Weg Cory
"I am intellengent enough to know how to look good!"
 -  Sabby
"Being a board mod is like being the guy on the horse hearding the cats. Sure you see alot of pussy, but also alot of asses and it makes you bow-legged if you do it too long."
 -  XXXPhoto
"yeah but we get to be fucked and have fox news tell us we arent and everyone else is, so there."
 -  grimm
"you wanna test a friendship? Lend the guy $100 , if he crosses the road whenever he sees you , it was a cheap way to rid yourself of a cunt of an acquaintance."
 -  Nickatilynx
"There may be some community guidelines here at Oprano that are not crossed mostly due to respect and common sense."
 -  Vick
"Chosing a good, honest partner in the porn biz is the difference between living, and living well."
 -  Voodooman
"I don't know if I can "stand up" to such close scruntiny :))"
 -  Smithy
"Political Correctness is a disease. It is the removal of all common sense."
 -  Wig
"I miss simpler times when spam was something that you ate, deep throat was something that you did for your boyfriend, and bombs were not made out of people."
 -  Cleo
"well shit Dravyk, if you are not going to argue about anything... then i am going back to watching Monty Python :-)))"
 -  JR
"now lets have one of those happy board moments where we embrace and say 'your so great' :-))))"
 -  CJ
"Me ass kissing is like Hooper teaching nuclear physics....."
 -  KB
"It's incredible that the the concept of the "reserve" was designed by non Jews....:-))"
 -  KB
"I'd guess a "party" sponsorship gets you about as far as an ad on most resource boards these days."
 -  homegrownmof
"Serge without a board is like a pencil without lead...pointless ;))"
 -  Nickatilynx
"it's the adult web business baby, where "send me some traffic? means FUCK YOU!"
 -  KB
"i guess those who can sense trends will follow them, and maybe one day find themselves no longer doing online porn ... the idiots will stick around declaring 'there is still money left!'"
 -  cj
"stupid men are easy to manipulate, stupid women are just stupid"
 -  KK
"I guess this business is all traffic searching for dreams and dreamweavers creating dreams for profit :)"
 -  JohnnyX
"Posting on Oprano is much like owning a gun. Its a privledge!!!"
 -  Voodooman
"CJ - its not the size of your button, its what you do with it!"
 -  Edd
"boobies didn't carry the last bimbo far when lack of brains becomes apparent. tip for hiring a board whore: pick one with a fuckin brain."
 -  cj
"Great marketing is what makes the difference between a Good Product and a GREAT product!"
 -  Forest
"if words could be spoken in water, oprano could drown the world when it stands together and says, "we love you" "
 -  JR
"The height of MORONIC behavior seems to be when you think you are so much smarter than everyone else that you become self defeating."
 -  Win
"Biggest reason most small businesses fail is people don't have any clue going in how much work it's going to be, plus they are undercapitalized, under researched. People think to themselves, 'my it has always been my dream to own my own coffee shop, i can sit on a stool all day long and chit chat with all the people who come by my little shop'. Pretty much my whole family, aunts and uncles, were or are small business people. They worked their asses off for at least 20 years before they could come up for air and start enjoying life a bit. People think owning your own business means freedom, ha! it's like a prison sentence. You better love whatever it is you're doing or selling cuz it's going to be your life for a long time. Or you go bankrupt."
 -  Mutt
"Hey what can I say, you're dealing with the kings of piss and name calling is what we do for a living ;-))"
 -  Timon
"Why is it we waste our youth trying to gain money....then waste our money trying to regain our youth?"
 -  Jim (Mr. Cash)
"Find demand, find how to fulfill it with other people efforts and you have it made."
 -  Serge
"Getting banned from GFY is roughly equivalent to getting banned from K-Mart."
 -  Ulfie
"Hey, without bullshit there would be: no flowers, no mushrooms, no sponsor programs. :-)))"
 -  Dravyk
"Odds mean NOTHING when dealing with DETERMINATION."
 -  Serge
"As pornographers we must act responsibly! ;))"
 -  Nickatilynx
"only bona fide MORONS have any ill feelings toward ANY board personality, 'cuz after all...it's just board personalities!"
 -  Serge
"Adult webmaster boards ain't the Harvard Debate Club!"
 -  Mutt
"Pay attention so you don't have to PAY FOR ATTENTION later..."
 -  J$tyle$
"I guess KARMA isn't just a stripper from Las Vegas"
 -  J$tyle$
"I would not dismiss his (Serge's) silly comments because there is wisdom in his nonsense."
 -  Cameraman
"Follow the money, it will answer ALL of your questions."
 -  Raw Alex
"assumption is the mother of all fuckups...."
 -  BoredFold
"surely the internet can't be the first generation of business idiots??!!"
 -  CJ
"Most men spend their lives trying desperately to get right back where they came from...some of the time head first."
 -  Lisa
"If I wanted people to look at me in disgust I would much rather sit home! There are plenty of people in SD who thing I am disgusting...."
 -  KB
"I am contemplating putting a urologist on the payroll!"
 -  KB
".....all I can say is if you go to a gay bar and bend over you deserve to get fucked up the ass."
 -  Webfather
"The only thing that burns in hell is the part of you that won't let go of your life: your memories, your attachments. You burn them all away. They're not punishing you ... they're freeing your soul."
 -  Meister Eckhart, 13th-century German theologian
"I believe in separation of church and state ....of mind"
 -  Serge
"Course, if the deal is really good, you can call me anything you want."
 -  Anthony
"2 chicks are always better than one! That way if there is going to be conversation I don't have to be involved"
 -  Vick
"What is everyone else doing? Next time you're walking down the street, stop and look up for a few minutes. Everyone else will look up too. Peer pressure. The mob rules. "If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you too?" We stand when everyone else stands. When we differ from the mob, we feel varying degrees of uncomfortability. We clap when everyone else claps. We laugh with the laugh track. We pay attention to "Best Seller" lists."
 -  Almighty Colin
"Success is a journey, not a destination"
 -  Mike AI
"Chess is close to selling porn .. you have to be three moves ahead and is the ultimate in mindfucking"
 -  Wingnut
"Compliments are nice for the ego but mean nothing to your bottom line."
 -  Mutt
"Aahhh... that's Oprano for you! Ask for a crumb and receive a meal! ;-)))"
 -  bpj
"Can't rape the willing!"
 -  Sharky
"always thought being nice to everyone just left you broke with a very sore rectum"
 -  Cleo
"Physics students today, for the most part, hate psychology, liberal arts, etc. They should. If they like them too much, it will detract from their studies and they will end up pornographers! Horrible!"
 -  Almighty Colin
"It's not the scary stuff that scares me .. it's losing my internet connection that scares me."
 -  Almighty Colin
"I think a lot more people are at least curious about what it would be like to have sex with someone of the same sex. Then again what would I know, I fuck just about anything."
 -  Cleo
"If Ya Aint Making Money Look in the Mirror"
 -  R3K
"Oh, shit, if pornographers can't discuss drugs and sex, we're all doomed!"
 -  Almighty Colin
"running board for amateur webmasters is like hearding cats..."
 -  Serge
"no amount of signups is worth hairy nipples!!!!"
 -  cj
"The only thing the newb needs to remember is that "ding" means "fries are done"."
 -  Dokk
"Anyway, been there, done that, got the Karl Marx T-Shirt..."
 -  Diamond Jim
"There isn't a question I can't answer... Truthfully."
 -  KB
"RickYNOT must be turning in his crib! hahahaha!"
 -  Mike AI
"It's about mostly teasing the surfer. Give em an inch and you'll get a signup. Give em a mile and they wouldn't even buy a $2 towel from you to wipe off the jizz on their keyboard."
 -  MyStlcMaRa
"If you look around now, there are way fewer people in both number and percentage that realize the business is about dollars and not about the number of hits to a counter."
 -  KK
"In person, me, my bodyguard, my posse, my steroids & my big swinging dick would say 2 words to you.... FUCK OFF."
 -  Hooper
"Don't just think outside the box... own the building the box sits in!"
 -  Voltar
"Only idiots kick sleeping tigers in the nuts."
 -  Serge
"Anyone can call a person a fuckhead..."
 -  Mike AI
"So, why bark at the tree which doesn't bother you?"
 -  Serge
"I'm doing very well for an idiot."
 -  Meni
"better to eat cake with a good company, that eat shit all by yourself!"
 -  Serge
" 'Welcome to the Future Dude'... I was always hoping I would one day say that to MYSELF. Problem is... everytime it gets here... it seems like the present."
 -  Almighty Colin
"Don't let ego get in the way of making $!"
 -  Vick aka Nature Boy
"What it comes down to is 'get along'? Great sentiment but it's only gonna get NASTIER, as the herd thins, the quick buck folks run outta cash and everyone plays a game of kill the quarterback ... so buckle in, folks, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!"
 -  Dravyk
"diversify, diversify, diversify - while you still CAN!"
 -  dig420
"Wisdom doesn't necessarily have to be original to be helpful!"
 -  TheEnforcer
"Soon many of you webmasters wont be paid Cash, you will be paid prizes."
 -  Alien
"I am not the final authority on design - SALES are."
 -  Serge
"So while the rich get richer the poor will get... Dick."
 -  Alien
"Serge, stop humping FM's leg!"
 -  Webfather
"Don't ask Mainstream for a dime. Ask for $150,000.00. It makes them much more comfortable."
 -  Mojo
"Smart Marketing: Layout of Grocery store, most common needed items are on opposite sides of story forcing you to walk thru land of temptation. How many have said, Damn, look at all this stuff in the buggy, and I only came here for bread!"
 -  Lee Noga
"Today's newbie is 6 years too late!"
 -  Webfather
"People who are not afraid to fail, are the ones who succeed."
 -  JR
"In business, speak softly and carry a big stick... only if you are selling big sticks."
 -  Grimm
"For every asshole with the thread, there is a dick with a screw"
 -  Serge
"Numbers I trust - People I don't!"
 -  Webfather
"...If you bait them, they will come..."
 -  JR
"I think most people on this board get high by making money"
 -  ThrobX