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Morons Say The Darndest Things
Adult webmasters come in all shapes and sizes and that includes their brains. This page is dedicated to those webmasters who boldly go where no moron has gone before. Forever here in this place their words remain as a testament to their moronicness.
"Business is business but pussy trumps that every time!"
 -  Mark Womack
"Bush is going to go down in history as a bigger joke than Reagan."
 -  dig 420
"Its great to see americans are finally starting to appreciate how funny their presidents really are. It always worried me that the rest of the world may have just had really sick senses of humour or something. now i'll go and hide back under my rock."
 -  miss^b
"I come here to escape all the hate and ignorance of the world."
 -  Confucy
"{solution to fight terrorism} Rather than using embalming fluid we can specify that we'll be using pig's blood. And of course you'd have to televise at least one of those wailing women piggy burials so that the fuckers would really know we're serious."
 -  Carrie
"Compared to Netpond, all other forms of competitive endeavors shrink to insignificance..."
 - Snikks
"The relationship between webpublisher and processor is symbiotic. Ridiculing them and bashing them, calling them thieves and the like also raises the eyebrows of those who want to do away with our industry."
 -  Alien
"Hey Confucy - Considering most of serges traffic comes from Netpond I have to agree with you:)"
 -  Meatman
"I think most people around here have a life outside the internet...we don't feel the need to sit around on a Sunday and pound the keyboard. Get a life Blowprano!"
 -  StatisticianSnikks
"The majority of fools don't realize that if it wasn't for APIC there would be no Adult Web"
 -  SE
"Serge I'm not going to sit here and debate the finer points of your little extortion racket."
 - Hooper
"In conversations with some webmasters, itís come to our attention that some resources treat webmasters a little less than nice if they are registered as members at Adult NetSurprise or post at Adult NetSurprise."
 -  Kaiser
"The only TGP2 source that is there for TGP not $$$"
 -  Roland(Codecrawler)
"I have always respected and appreciated guys that will not eat pussy, like people that do not smoke dope. I figured it just left more for me."
 -  Unknown
"'You have talked to people who have met me in person?' I hardly think so. As Owen would say: I don't have any friends, You Stupid POOP!"
 -  Neilski
"the beginning of a new legacy - "Good Business NOT Greedy Business" - and that's what is all about "business" "
 -  LaughingEyes
"Alien, do you know what a drone is? Serge is a drone. He offers nothing. He cares about nobody. He brings hate and discontent wherever he goes. He tries to steal Netpond users because he wants to make his ridiculous board a hot item."
 -  confucy
"If you build it... They will come..."
 -  Wolfe
"im just starting out in the biz and after meeting Jade (dirtydollar) in vegas - she quelled all my fears about getting started. I only mailed out about 500,000 emails and saw a massive converstion!! It was a damn good list, I am sure of that - but I am sure it has something to do with the sites as well. hardcore-playground.com was the biggest converting site with farmy-chicks.com coming a close second. Jade even helped me with what to write on the email - apparently she knows all the right moves! I am happy to recommend DirtyDollar. Email me if you have questions."
 -  slammbamm, it worked for me
"Pithy is as Pithy does."
 -  Edd