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Oprano is the Wall Street Journal for the online adult entertainment industry.

Our webmasters are more interested in making money than being a celebrity. Our ever growing base of loyal readers makes Oprano a daily stop for businessminded webmasters all over the world. When you advertise on Oprano you wake up your webmasters leveraging our clout and years of being trustworthy.

Google Analytics reports that our readers are webmasters spanning the United States, England, Asia, Mexico, Canada, and Australia. Since its establishment in 2001 Oprano is the first place many webmasters read daily for the real scoop on whats going on in the business.

Mainstream Marketing Included! ... No Other Resource Compares

Oprano has been steadily growing and the new projects that are being implemented will increase your exposure to webmasters. Oprano is the ONLY adult webmaster resource that recruits potential new adult webmasters.

By educating the general public at events such as Dragoncon ,we have uncovered many potential new webmasters. These are the indivduals you should be marketing to. Oprano is your goodwill ambassador the new people eager to sign up for your programs and market your products. Don't miss out by not being one of the "family".

Oprano markets your sites directly to surfers using the power of Oprano Radio to drive eager surfers directly to your sites as well as informing webmasters with special events. Read what Klixxx Magazine had to say about us upon at launch and take advantage of our new format drawing surfers and dollars to your pay sites!

Tap in to Oprano...banners get webmasters attention but threads retain interest.

Pinned threads lure in new webmasters that are on the fence about signing up for your program and retains interest from existing affiliates that need to be giving you more promotion.

We will be contacting you once a week via ICQ/Email to discuss future news events and product releases. Get creative and brainstorm ways to use Oprano to raise your bottom line. Being a sponsor on Oprano is more than banner rotations. Its about forming long term business relationships.

Additionally advertisers and their employees should have a banner in their signature on the board, commensurate with the type of advertising taken out on Oprano.

We appreciate contact and feedback on your advertising and will endeavour to help in any way we can, therefore it is strongly encouraged that the person representing your product/company is proactive on the board answering any questions and being part of the community.


"You are More Than Just Another Banner"

Banner Advertising Areas

Your product will receive maximum exposure throughout Oprano inclusive of these external sites.

1. Oprano Main Message Forum

The insanely popular main message forum is our most visited section and. the best place to insure that your product is noticed.

Primarily business orientated threads as well as chit chat is what goes at the primary forum.
This message base is a must read for all serious business minded webmasters. The regulars on this forum are the present, past and future "movers and shakers" of the adult industry.

2. Vesuvio - We Continue Your Promotion

Vesuvio is a forum with highlighted business threads that were buried on the main board. A good program would take advantage by starting good threads on business related topics which are saved in this section..

2. Oprano Plus - Your button or banner will be placed into rotation.

3. Goodbadugly - Your banner or button will be placed into rotation. In addition you may submit your press releases for publication. Please send to gonzo@oprano.com [this product is under reconstruction]

4. Oprano Radio - Your Webmaster related banner will be placed into rotation and your commercial up to 60 secs will be in heavy roation to surfers.

5. Swims with Fishes
ANYONE posting spam will have their adverts and their messages placed in this folder .. We protect our sponsors with vigour. If you are looking for exposure on Oprano we advise you to take out advertising. This includes release news and program messages.

Your Ad Is Also in Rotation after each following action -

New Thread - Every time anyone posts on the board, rotating banners and buttons will appear on completion of the post, each and every time.

Mark Forums Read - Provides the same result with regards to the advertising as someone creating a new post, as above.


New Posts - Exactly the same as the New Thread above.

Login / Logout - Exactly the same as the New Thread above.

Text Ads

Text ads are limited to 3 lines of text that will reasonably fit onto a 120x60 transparent button with black text. I include your product in ALL rotations of buttons.

Special Areas also included in the package are the "old school" source of program integrity GoodBadUgly.info and OpranoPlus. Your button or banner is included in those ad rotations.


Advertising benefits beyond the board


In addition to the banner space we market direct to members of Oprano. Our members will be e-mailed periodically to feature advertising for your company. Oprano has over 3500 targetted deliverable e-mails in the database and growing. These are people interested in your product!

I am constantly adding places and ways to market you to webmasters . With the new board now in place ,I am able to add even more custom advertising opportunities. If you dont see it let me what I can do to make Oprano the right choice for your program.

Reciprocal/Free Advertising Section

(http://oprano.com/reciprocal-advertising.html) has addition advertising spots. I appreciate all links to this board and I am pleased to provide you with this feature. If your going to run a banner in your signature for a non sponsoring program or a board please provide us with a button or banner on the corresponding site.

Legal and Privacy (http://oprano.com/terms.html)


Oprano Ad Rates:

Contact us for a custom advertising quote. Promotion on Oprano is more than buying a banner rotation.


File Formats and Dimensions Required Information:
Banner Ad: (468 X 60, gif, jpg, or swf) ***note*** Flash banner may include sound providing its on mouseover only.

Premium Button: (120 x 60, gif, jpg, or swf) ***note*** Flash buttons may not include sound files
Standard Link: 3 lines of text that we will convert into a 120 x 60 gif.

Banners/buttons for the rotating advertising spaces at the top and bottom of the board, are restricted to 120x60 and 468x60.


Payment Information

Payment methods are checks (US companies preferred) or wires.
Contact us for payment instructions. Any questions please contact either advertising@oprano.com regarding any of the above advertising.